Walter Ostanek Band: Welcome

Playing polka music for polka dancers and audiences has been a passion of  the  Walter Ostanek Band  for over 50 years.

To us, playing polkas is the greatest job in the world.  You see, it’s really gratifying to see people having a good time as they’re listening or dancing to their favorite polka after a hard day at work.

We’ve had the pleasure of recording well over 80 polka albums and polka videos since 1957. We’ve even been fortunate enough to be recognized three times by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences with the highest honour in the music business, the Grammy Awards.

I hope you’ll enjoy our website as we continue to add  interesting information, pictures, and videos of the Walter Ostanek Band and our very many friends in the polka industry.  Friends like, my personal mentor and America’s Polka King, Frankie Yankovic.

Please feel welcome to contact me anytime through our “Contact Walter” page.

Walter Ostanek