Waltz of the Angels Finally Released

There’s a song on my latest Walter Ostanek Band CD, “Back to Back Hall of Fame Polkas”, called, “Waltz of the Angels”.

This is  a beautiful waltz with Jon Libera on the vocals.  I’m getting a lot of nice comments about this particular song and attention from several polka radio stations.

There’s a cute little story behind this song;
Jon Libera, former vocalist with the Walter Ostanek Band, brought this old Lefty Frizzell composition to my attention about 4 years ago and suggested that I record it.  I liked the song and asked Jon if he’d like to do it.  Well that was 4 years ago!

Last year while at Kravos Recording Studio in Cleveland with Murray McFadgen doing some vocal tracks I played  “Waltz of the Angels” for Murray and Bob Kravos.  They both loved it so I got Murray to record the harmony vocals to Jon’s original melody vocal.  While Murray was doing the recording, Tony Petkovsek, (#1 Polka DJ in Cleveland), dropped in to visit. Tony really liked it as well.

So after sitting on the shelf for 4 years, “Waltz of the Angels” was finally completed and released on our “Back to Back Hall of Fame Polkas” cd.

I hope you enjoy Waltz of the Angels. I want to thank Jon Libera, not only for bringing the song to me, but for doing such a great job on the vocals.

You can click here to hear a sample of  Waltz of the Angels.

Hey, send me a note, or comment on this post and let me know what you think of “Waltz of the Angels”.

Til next time, Keep Smiling,

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3 Responses to Waltz of the Angels Finally Released

  1. Murray says:

    Hi Walter,
    I love this song, and in particular Jon’s vocal styling. I’ve always enjoyed Jon’s singing, but this is most certainly one of my favorite Jon Libera recordings. To me, Waltz of the Angels is just one of those songs that sticks with you. It truly is a beautiful waltz.
    I hope the Polka Radio stations pick up on Waltz of the Angels and share it with polka fans worldwide.

    Murray McFadgen

  2. Just was surfing YouTube and came across your website! When we received our promo copy of “Back to Back Hall of Fame Polkas” from Sunshine Records, we anxiously let it roll in our CD player at our home studio. The CD didn’t get any further past track 12 – we must have listened to that particular track ten consecutive times! We kept going back to the beginning of “Waltz of the Angels” and seemingly couldn’t get enough. Our radio listeners share our feeling for the song by faithfully requesting it every week on our show. It’s a simple, yet haunting melody with beautiful words and an equally beautiful arrangement sung by Jon Libera & Murray McFadgen. Great job guys! We and are radio/internet listeners thank you for finally getting around to releasing this absolute gem.

  3. Walter says:

    Hi Pam & Jerry,
    Great to hear from you guys! I couldn’t agree more about “Walts of the Angels”. It’s a beautiful song that seems to stick with you. I’m really glad your loyal radio listeners are enjoying it, and thank you very much for playing our music on your shows. I’m sure that Jon & Murray will be thrilled to read your comment.

    For anyone reading this, Pam & Jerry are at 620 AM WKHB Radio on Saturdays @ 1:00pm, “PrimeTime Polkas”.
    If you’re in the southwestern PA area including the entire Pittsburgh area, Ohio, West Virginia or Maryland, give Pam & Jerry a listen. You can also find them on the internet at; http://www.primetimepolkas.com.

    Thanks again, Pam & Jerry.

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