Remembering Frankie Yankovic

Hi Everyone,

Over the years I’ve been blessed with many friends and supporters.  As a tribute, and to show my thanks, we’ve added a new section to our website entitled, “Friends”.

One of my dearest friends was “America’s Polka King”, Frankie Yankovic.  At an early age I wanted to become just like Frank.  He was afterall the superstar of in the Cleveland-Style polka world that I wanted so much to be a part of .  As luck would have it, our friendship grew into a very special relationship.  Imagine your idol becoming your mentor and friend.  Well that’s how it was for me and Frankie.

It’s been 10 years since Frank passed away in 2008.  I think about him a lot, especially when I’m in the Cleveland area.

I hope you’ll enjoy my special tribute to my special freind, Frankie Yankovic.


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1 Response to Remembering Frankie Yankovic

  1. Wayne Brown says:

    Walter, greetings to you from British Columbia.

    I know you’ll never remember me and it’s been a long, long time.

    As a young man, I remember the days I would watch in awe of you and Frankie Yankovic. The Septemberfests, Octoberfests and Novemberfests. It seemed like polka time all year round.

    I’m so glad polka time has never ended for you. What incredible talent!

    The first group I ever performed with was the Silver Stars band. I bet that rings a rusty old bell! I’m sure you remember Joe? I played with his group for 2 years until he passed away.

    You know, I still remember all those songs.

    The last time I spoke to you was in Kitchener, Ontario, during Octoberfest. I remember you telling us a story about having a request for a French song. But the only French song you knew was Alouette, and no one really knew the words so you all sang, “Alouette, (mumble, mumble), Guy Lafleur”! Hahahaha… !

    I miss Mr. Yankovic too. He was an incredible talent and a true icon. One day when he and Joe were sharing the stage he said to me, “Son, good vocals. Very good vocals. What are you doing here?” What a nice man. I’ve never forgotten that.

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