Walter Ostanek Band: Happy Holidays

walter-head-shot-retouch3Hi Everyone,
I would like to thank you for visiting our new website.  I hope you’ll bookmark us and come back frequently as we continue to add more interesting pictures,videos,and articles about the Walter Ostanek Band and our many friends.
I sincerely thank you for supporting the Walter Ostanek Band in 2008.  It’s been another incredible year.
I wish you, and your family and friends, a very Happy Holiday Season and good health and happiness in 2009.

Best Wishes,

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3 Responses to Walter Ostanek Band: Happy Holidays

  1. Boris Grmek says:

    I’d like to be the first to congratulate you, Walter, on producing a fabulous web-site – long overdue! Your new Christmas CD sounds great. Congratulations again on getting nominated for the Grammy’s. Well done, as usual. Keep those polkas coming!
    Your friends,
    Boris & Gwen

  2. Steve Fortin says:

    Walter you look great in that suite.

  3. Frank from the Pocono's says:

    Last night I saw an old show from Pennsylvania Polka (2002), up until this time I have not heard of you (my fault, I thought I heard all the bands). What a great show. I could not keep my feet from moving. I now am a fan. You replaced Jimmy Sturr. Last night I ordered 4 CD’s. Wish I could see you in person. Do you publish your schedule anywhere? Better yet are you still playing? When if ever will you be in Pa again? I am hooked on Frank Yankovic and your sound is so much like his. When I’m driving around this summer people will know I’m coming and they will hear you and your band.
    Thanks for great music.
    Frank from Pa. USA

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